Kelly and Erin here! We’re celebrating V-day together and each taking our own special meaning from it. unnamed


Erin: I’m on my last day of a fertility drug called Clomid. So far my hormone levels are checking out ok, but this drug just boosts my chances of those lovely eggs making it to ovulation in about 7-10 days. That’s right folks… in just over a week its insemination day!

I’ll go to the clinic tomorrow to see how things are coming along.  A good friend asked me this week: “How are you keeping yourself not-stressed so your body is a baby friendly environment?” My answer: I have this new podcast I’m working on and its SO fun! I’ll post again soon with more details and give a full overview of how this all works. Get ready for menstrual cycle talk!


Kelly: Valentine’s Day Rocks! This has been a historic day for me and new beginnings. It was four years ago today that I started a blog to keep me sane after the death of my 35-year-old wife. However I did not write alone. In 2013 I created a Super Hero alter ego version of myself and laughed my way through the sudden onslaught of unexpected single motherhood, with a really rude side kick on The High Flying Adventures of Captain Grief (

Now I begin again on a new adventure with a new, and actually real friend. I am a single mother by accident and my long time friend Erin is setting out to become a single mother by choice so we decided to do a podcast called Fashioning Families. You create your family any dang way you want. Parenthood is the most challenging and rewarding job I have ever had and you definitely need a village to raise a kid!

Erin and I want to reach out to any parents-to-be, single, or partnered, as well as all the single and partnered parents to help ALL of us remember that we are not alone!

Happy Valentines Day!